What is Inside?

We have learnt that through the use of Learner Response Systems in both formative and summative assessment, teaching and marking time can be reduced, but the data generated by such assessments often requires further data mining. For teachers this is time consuming if not a challenging task so this tool allows this to be done automatically according to further needs. By importing the data into this tool it can produce in-depth reports and analyses that will give teachers a detailed insight into their student’s progress, allowing them to plan future lessons based on the needs of the class or individuals.

With ‘Inside’ you can:

  • Build a complete picture of a class’s activity.
  • See at a glance which students have mastered particular areas and which haven’t.
  • See details of an individual student’s performance.
  • Gauge student learning relative to specific kstandards.
  • Clearly see all student responses to a particular question.
  • Choose options to build your own reports togather specific data.
  • Filter data on particular groups of students or by question level.
  • Use the Filter Editor to produce a range of bespoke reports.

What's the workflow?

Inside provides a workflow between Promethean Inspire, ActivExpression devices, user responses and a mine of useful data.

Work flow from Inspire to Inside